First I want to say that I’m so sorry I never even mentioned that I was going on a hiatus.

It has been far too long. This year has been outrageous as I’m sure you’re painfully aware. I’ve basically had to detach myself from various social medias as the stress and anxiety was getting too much. Because I did it almost seems like I’ve gotten … fearful? … of logging onto twitter. It’s rather odd I know, but I’ll tiptoe my way back.

While I was gone I managed to redo the ruined pages for Say Something, complete Chapter 4, and get a good chunk done for Chapter 5. I’ve also begun page work for my second comic, Gale Force. I’m so proud of the work I did. What I did in a month was so much more than what I did last year.

At my day job we are swamped. Once the lockdown was lifted it got incredibly hectic, but we’re pulling through. As such it’s become tough to muster up the energy to get much art done, but I’m trying. I will have to resort to updates every other Saturday like before.

Please be safe and healthy.