Last week was the ending of Chapter Three, which is a huge milestone in my book! And it came at a fairly good/weird time. My job is becoming very hectic due to the holiday season and I now work 11 hours Sunday/Monday and 8 hours during the rest of the week (barring weekends). This schedule will likely stay this way until about the middle of January. It’s a physically demanding job and I come home very tired but I do try and work on upcoming pages. 

Right now I’m six pages into Chapter Four and it’s fully scripted! However, with the pace I’m finishing pages I’d have to put Say Something on hiatus in the very near future anyway. I figured it’d be better to begin the hiatus once a chapter ended rather than pause in the beginning of a new one.

I don’t plan on Say Something having a year-long hiatus like last time. I’m not reworking chapters, I’m not redrawing anything, I’m just moving forward. At best, I want to return to weekly updates in late February, but I don’t want to make any promises.

Over on my Patreon you can see fun facts for Say Something every other Friday by pledging only $1 a month! They will slowly become public starting January 11, 2019. Plus if you pledge $3 a month you can request monthly sketches! 

Anyway, happy holidays! Thank you so much for everything so far! I hope to have some good news in the future! <3
Don’t forgot that you can follow me on my twitter for news and sketches if I manage to put them out during this time!